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Language Roots Parent/Child Cam

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Parent/Child Style class to teach parents how to facilitate first words and grow early language with their little one! This camp will provide opportunities to show parents how to get on the floor, play, and build language into routines they already have.


We will provide activities that parents can try with us and use at home to keep their little one engaged and learning. Each session will have a specific communication target. There will be specific activities to facilitate language, tools to teach your little one, and carryover tasks to practice at home.


This is also a great group to teach foundational socialization skills to each other as they learn to navigate the world with other children. A part of this group will be geared towards a play-group-like environment encouraging children to play with each other. Developmental Norms will also be provided from American Speech and Hearing Association.


We are proud to offer a uniquely personalized experience through a low camper to instructor ratio. Camps are run by an American Speech-Language Hearing Associaiton certified therapist. 




Itemized Insurance Superbill available upon request.


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