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Sprout Therapy LLC:

Sprout Therapy, founded in 2015 is a Greater Cleveland therapy practice offering therapy services to paitents of all ages and language abilities. Everyone deserves a voice!

About our Services:

Speech, Occupational and Behavioral Therapies

We are a clinic in Northeast Ohio serving the pediatric and adult populations.  We offer direct (individual and group) Speech and Occupational therapy as well as consultative services.  Located in Strongsville, Ohio, we provide services in the convenience of your own home, community, and in daycare facilities throughout Northeast Ohio.  We are also proud to partner with the Strongsville Recreation Department and Beyond Words to serve the community through Camps for all age groups to enhance speech and language skills throughout the year. 


Mission Statement:


Therapy that grows with you. 


We recognize that each child is an individual.  Each child has individual needs, individual ideas, individual desires, and individual ways to interact.  Together we strive to have each individual connect with others in an individualized manner.  We provide a language rich and safe environment for children to learn and test out social skills in a naturalized manner.  Together, we form a group of friendships that are tied together by memories, laughter, and genuine friendship to last a lifetime along.  Children develop skills that will translate throughout each stage. 

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